Volume 1 Issue 1
Preview Volume 1 Issue 1

Clicking on the magazine cover image at right (when not signed in to this test server) will bring you to the test version of a preview of Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1.

There are several things to note when you test:

  • Only pages allowed for the preview can be viewed. If you attempt to view a page not included in the preview, you receive an error message. The pages allowed for this test preview are displayed at the top of the screen for testing purposes only, and won’t appear in the production version of the viewer.
  • The table of contents (ToC) does not expose links to content items not included in the preview, adding the phrase “subscription required” to such items.
  • The forward- and back-buttons cycle only through allowed pages.
  • The page drop-down in the toolbar only exposes included pages.
  • Linking to a preview version requires that “preview=1” be included in the URL for the title–as it is for the linked cover above–and that a preview is actually set up for the title, so spoofing a URL will not work.
  • Each page of a preview can have a “subscribe pop-up” ad at the bottom of the page. The test has such an ad linked back to the Sign In/Subscribe page for the title.

Once you’ve tested the preview mode, you can click this link to visit the same title in “normal” subscription-only mode, which is what subscribers see now (the Newsstand) before they are signed in. I can add a “Preview” button to the Newsstand if desired, or stick with the links as above.

Note that once you are signed in, despite having “preview=1” in the URL subsequently, the subscription should override all the preview settings allowing complete viewing of the title. You’d need to sign out via the Newsstand in order to see the preview mode work once you’ve signed in.

For the purposes of testing, a non-subscription, non-preview title running on the same code base can be seen here.